The Glacial Foreland Institute [GFI] was founded in 113 A.P. (2020 A.D.) as a response to groundbreaking research in atmospheric microplastic dispersal and soil pollution. Previously considered a harmful material of the Anthropocene, microplastics became the main investigation focus at GFI, particularly for its symbiotic relationship with ground materials and flows in a rapidly evolving ecosystem indirectly saturated with these types of particles. Today, microplastics are the keystone compound upon which the emergence of new ecological territories depends on.

In our pilot project - The Gardens of the Aletsch Glacier - microplastics have been studied and deployed within the Swiss Alps landscape by a unique team of experts in fields ranging from geology, biology, ecology, horticulture, and landscape architecture, collaborating in four design laboratories: Landscape Performance, Material Taxonomy, Material Ecology, and Garden Prototyping.